The Human Position in an Artificial World: Creativity, Ethics & AI in Knowledge Organization

15th – 16th July 2019, London

This will be the 6th biennial conference of the UK Chapter of ISKO, the International Society for Knowledge Organization.


The conference explores the connected themes of artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in knowledge organization, ethics and creativity. What innovations are taking place and what roles can humans play in all of this? The conference will consider practical solutions as well as the theory behind the creation, development and delivery of knowledge organizing systems, ranging from controlled vocabularies, classification systems, metadata schemas through to ontologies and taxonomies.

Topics include:

- Where has AI come from and where is it going in knowledge organization?

- What roles are there for taxonomies and ontologies in AI?

- What are the latest developments in ethics of knowledge organization?

- How should AI support creativity in taxonomies and ontologies?

- How will AI applications take account of ethical concerns whilst maintaining creativity?

- How is the role of the intermediary changing as AI impacts on KO applications?

- How will we ensure that the expertise of the intermediary is fully considered?